Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Riding the Skies

I found these rad pictures from the 4/25/07 Lightning Bolt show at Circle of Hope in Philly. Great show.


I finally hooked my camera up to my computer. I live with very, very, very cute cats. It's kind of sick.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Watch this segment from local cable news in Utah on "emo." It's amazing...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I <3 Bill Waterson

I give you the Calvin & Hobbes Searchable Database!!! Waste the day away!!!

(Thanks, Shelly.)

Bye Bye Moose

So it seems Manny came up big last night and put the pathetic Yankees in their place. Thank you, Tavarez. My man Dan Shaughnessy had some great words about last night, as usual.

The highlight:

"While Pettitte and Schilling work at Yankee Stadium, Clemens will be pitching in Trenton (Double A). He is on course to return to the majors in Toronto next Tuesday. The perfect scenario would then have Clemens pitching at Fenway against the Sox on ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" June 3. This would result in mayhem not seen at a Boston sports venue since July 1972 when the Rolling Stones showed up at the old Garden four hours late after getting arrested at the Warwick, R.I., airport. Boston Mayor Kevin White was credited with preventing a riot and the Stones, naturally, were greeted with wild applause when they finally hit the stage at 12:30 a.m."

"The Rocket will not be greeted as kindly. In fact, his reception will make Johnny Damon's return to Fenway look like a parade through the Canyon of Heroes. Imagine Don Imus being introduced at next year's NCAA Women's Final Four."

In other great sports news, the Ducks eliminated the Wings last night for a trip to the Stanley Cup against the Sens. At the very beginning of the season, my prediction was Anaheim vs. Buffalo. I'll pat myself on the back - the Sens eliminated the Sabres in the last series, so I came surprisingly close. This is going to be a very close series. I would like to see the Sens win, because they've been around for longer and never won the Cup, plus I'd like to see a Canadian team take it all. Then again, I wouldn't at all mind if Giguere won. I love this time of year...

Quack Quack Quack Quack

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Killer Cars

Friday night we left the Electric Factory and headed towards home to hit up some bars. When we began to cross Callowhill I noticed that there weren't any cars coming, and that their light would soon be turning green. As a result, I "jogged" across the intersection. Right when I got to the end I heard Shelly or Jeff Doug yell something to me. I looked to my left and saw a white car barreling towards me, seemingly unable to slow down. It all happened so quickly and before I knew it I was riding on its hood for about 20 feet. I quickly realized that I absolutely could not fall; if I fell I would be seriously hurt. Now, here's a quick history of me: I'm accident prone and I have terrible balance. Terrible balance. Apparently however, that's until I'm in serious danger. I rode that hood like a surfer rides a wave, and I kept my balance the entire time.

When I landed on my feet I immediately shook my body to make sure I wasn't seriously hurt. When I realized that I wasn't, I started walking in small circles in complete disbelief that I had just been hit by a fucking car. It was then that I noticed Shelly shouting at the driver after making sure I was okay, and the driver in turn yelling at me. That was the moment I came down to reality, walked to her window, and said, "Stop yelling at me! You just hit me with your Car! Okay?" I ended up fine. I took her information after convincing her that indeed, everything was fine and I wouldn't sue her or anything, it would just be a good idea to get the information.

Getting hit by a car was truly frightening. It was also one of those instances when I step back and say, "Only me..."

Graduation Playlist!!!
Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond (This new record is mint! Get it!)
Neil Young - After the Gold Rush
Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Murder Ballads
Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors (Just got tickets! June 29!)
The Boss - Nebraska
Dylan & the Band - Before the Flood

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Just Wanna Bang on the Drum All Day

It's official. On Sunday afternoon I graduated from college. I'd say "What a strange experience" or something sentimental like that, but honestly it felt natural. My uncle came down with my parents and we had a blast. The weather was perfect and the Guinness flowed like water. Last Wednesday I began interviews. I found my way up to Norristown and aced an uneventful and disappointing interview. That evening though, they invited me back for a second round the next day - a sort of "day in the life" experience. Again I trecked a couple of hours via train and bus to the suburbs. Long story short: I found myself an hour into Delaware selling pizza discounts door to door. I kid you not. That's what my writing gets me with a "direct marketing job". Needless to say, an hour into it I told him that I wouldn't be working for him. It was a frustrating and sobering experience because the guy I had the interview with directly lied to me about what I'd be doing so that he could get me there.

In unrelated news, I'm really trying to stomach this new Wilco record. The first times I listened to it I was completely disappointed - angry at Tweedy for making such a half-assed effort. Now though, some of it is growing on me. I also picked up the new Dinosaur Jr. record, Beyond. Now that is some stellar music. Mascis still rocks harder than Slayer. Speaking of metal bands, Venom was in my dream last night. They played La Salle's Dunleavy room. I just remember Erich and Lou being really excited for some black metal. Anyways, Dinosaur are not metal, they just bring me back to 1984. Well, they bring me back to 1984 the way a weekend with Jeff Doug brings me back to 1969.

Speaking of Jeff, he's coming down Thursday for a few days - namely the inappropriately confusing lineup of Mastodon, Against Me!, Cursive and TAAS on Friday night. Either way, it will be a trip.

If you dig stuff along the lines of Isis, Pelican, or My Bloody Valentine, there's a terrific "project" called Jesu, which recently released a new record, Conqueror. You can stream it at

I also shut down my old "lastfm" page because I'm very computer illiterate, and opened up a new one. Add me if you still keep one up.

And one last thing...come on Buffalo! You were my Cup picks. Regardless, Chris Drury and Daniel Brière remain hockey gods.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lux Interior

The Cramps have to be one of the greatest bands of all time. Check out these is live from the Napa State Mental Hospital. How did that show ever happen? How did authorities at a mental hospital let a band like the Cramps in?! Horror sex rockabilly punk pulp fiction. It's all there. The audience wanders around the room dancing like zombies. It's so strange. "Somebody told me you folks are crazy. Well i'm not so sure about that."