Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So it's my first day as a Senior in college. So far i've succeeded in forgetting everybody's name and being late for my classes. I'm an asshole. Things around here are indeed weird as most of my friends graduated last year. I need some Uber St. love.

I have an interview tonight at Moriarty's bar/pub on 11th/Walnut. My Uncle John is covering my ass saying that I served at his pub in RI for about a year. This way I can prove my "experience" as a server. I hope this works out, I need a job.

Wilco - Summerteeth
Bob Dylan - Desire
Ian McEwan - Saturday

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hyped Bands (Usually) Suck...

I was welcomed at the computer this afternoon to news that last year's ultra-hyped cool-kid band, "Death From Above 1979" broke up. It reminded me of Bloc Party, Art Brut, the Rapture, and the 10,000+ other bands that yesterday and/or today have been deemed "cool," yet who fade out a year later. These bands rely on and swell in the drool that drips from the mouths of early and mid-20's "indie kids" with moustaches and jackets in August. Anti-hipster blog propaganda with always exist, but shit...last year this band was literally THE COOLEST BAND EVER. They sold out the Church on numerous occasions. "Duude...you haven't got their record yet. You should check it out duude. It's so, The Futureheads meets Wire meets Lightning Bolt. You'd like it maan."

There will always be "cool new bands," but not all of them are bad. Some deserve the credit they'r given so early on in their careers. The Strokes write really good rock and roll songs. The Decemberists are really original. The Arcade Fire, as annoying as they've become, are really talented song-writers. But dance-punk-pop, even when made simply with drums and a bass, is not original. Your moustaches suck. Your girl pants suck. I could start a band like all that shit, dress like them, and I'll bet people would take notice. It's fuckin sad.

Fear & Black Flag

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

One More For Papi

Riot Grrls are Hot (But They'd Probably Beat Me Up If They Read That)

Last night was the long awaited Sleater-Kinney show at the Starlight, one of their last shows together. To be honest, I wouldn't have put that much effort into going if my girlfriend wasn't so into them. But I went. I looked forward to it, but not like others did. Holy shit though, they blew me away. Maybe it was the Bud Ice I was constantly ingesting but a 30-something year old woman with short hair, electric guitar, and screaming at the top of her lungs makes me giddy and hot all over. Woah. Perhaps the second best set I've seen all summer (behind Mogwai.) I wish I could find a setlist somewhere. Oh yeah, and they appreciated my request for Mother. "Hahaha...Danzig ::shakes head::"

I'm at La Salle working right now which means that no, all those motherfuckers I've been applying to for a job the past month don't wanna hire me. Oh well, I'm done caring (I think.) Anyways, Friday was the Paint it Black show at the Church. In typical fashion drinks were had at the Midtown beforehand. 24 oz.'s in the street between sets. Cloak/Dagger rules. Erich's a moron and hurt himself really badly during the Loved Ones (also known as "a bunch of rock stars.") PIB played one of their best sets ever. No joke. Stage dive mania. Next Sunday is Gorilla Biscuits and I'm gonna dive once every 45 seconds. Go ahead, pilgrim...prove me wrong.

Ahhh summer...stagedives & high-fives. Fuckin hot out. Depressing world news. Go Israel. Fuck the Yankees. Go Sox. Go Twins. Fuck nursing students. Go dehydration...

R.E.M. - Eponymous, Automatic for the People
These Arms Are Snakes - Easter (Got my hands on an advanced copy. This band doesn't relent. So good.)

The Economist
Pet Cemetary - Stephen King