Monday, February 26, 2007


Last night Bane played the Church. There is no other band that I have seen as much as them. The first Bane show I went to, about seven years ago, was as exciting, fresh and exhilarating as last night. I remember my parents wouldn't let me go to shows back then, so I lied and said I was sleeping over my friend's house. His older friend drove us up to Worcester. One King Down played. Wow. I remember the third or so time I had to lie again. I don't remember what my cover was, but the lineup was out of this world. It was at (the old) Lupos in Providence. Hatebreed, Bane, Poison the Well, Shadows Fall, What Feeds the Fire and Most Precious Blood. I remember when Hatebreed played my buddy and I were scared shitless. We went up on the balcony to watch and people were moshing up there. Huge circle pits everywhere. We used to go well out of our way for Bane shows too. Great shows in Salem, Taunton and Fall River, almost always with Reach the Sky.
Yesterday when I woke up I realized how excited I was. I can't think of a better compliment for a band than that. Over 7 years my love for Bane has not changed. It hasn't budged. Last night they opened with Count Me Out and went straight into Can We Start Again. Among others, they also played In Pieces. Oh, hell yeah.

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