Thursday, March 01, 2007

Fucked Up

Tell me that second flyer isn't the greatest thing you've seen all week. I was reading an interview with Ted Leo about a year ago and he was discussing the punk bands that really matter. The ones that he grew up on that he still listens to today. These are the ones, he argued, that have something to be angry about (aside from mom, dad & the cops.) They know what is corrupt and they build their band against it. He mentioned bands like the almighty Flag, Stiff Little Fingers, the Clash, Bad Religion and (as a contemporary example) Tragedy. I dare add Fucked Up to that list. Every week on their blog ( they post intriguing articles and questions, about everything from religion to science to politics. I realize that this band is getting really big right now and that they're pretty hip to be into, but how great would it be if everyone talked about the issues they bring up? Semiotics, religion, etc. To be at the bar with your friends and talk about more than girls and money issues. I'm a Catholic and I continually welcome the issues that they bring up about my religion. My faith won't change but it's great talking about it. Seriously, check out their blog on a regular basis. There's a great article they have up on top right now about slot machines. The link's on the side of my page. Oh yeah, and they're playing the Church Friday. When they play "Baiting the Public/Generation" I am going to fight people.

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