Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We were discussing semiotics in class today, and I was surprised when I understood what it means. Unknowingly, I have been thinking a lot about its basic principles lately. Though semiotics deals primarily with symbols and signs, it also includes the study of "how meaning is constructed and understood." In short, we were discussing truth. The idea is used everyday by both the Right and the Left. Many/most believe that there is one truth. One answer. In theory, Wikipedia challenges this, as a database of "truths" on particular subjects. Moreover, these "truths" are written by the public. It's strange. But what's particularly scary is how people use these universal truths when it comes to morality and religion. Beliefs that there is one way to live. One "good" way to live. One "evil" way to live. Does any one have any good sites or know any good books about this stuff?

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