Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Rose McGowan

Last night I saw Grindhouse. I reccomend this film you you are not offended by any of the following: Rose McGowan go-go dancing, immense amounts of blood, immense amounts of slime, the word "fuck", the word "bitch", brain-less skulls, Rose McGowan, naked lesbians, accidental suicides of children, insane car chases, car crashes, severed limbs, Rose McGowan, Kurt Russell in a leather jacket, Sheri Moon Zombie, werewolf nazis, stakes in eyes, Bruce Willis playing almost as much of a badass as in Die Hard, severed balls and spending the best $9 you've spent in a long time. Seriously, Grindhouse was the greatest "theater experience" I've ever had. People walked out. It was that good.

This past weekend I found my old Mighty Mighty Bosstones records. That band is so good. I was skanking all afternoon Sunday. I read somewhere that Dicky Barret is now an announcer for the Jimmy Kimmel show. Huh?
Also, this new Cusack movie looks really rad. Check it out.

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