Monday, July 17, 2006

It's That Time of Year...

So we're officially beginning to end July. This summer is flying by (not meant to rhyme,) and just in time (there I go again)...the Red Sox are beginning their steady decline to end up behind the Yankees come playoff time. The losses have been monumental. I think the other night was something like 3-13. Last night the A's kicked their asses all over Fenway. They've lost 4 out of their last 5 games. What's funny though, and what most people know about Sox fans, is that I saw it coming all along. I was prepared. I'm dissapointed, but not that dissapointed, (yet.) When the Sox were riding high in the months leading up to the All-Star break, Shelly mentioned one night as I was watching Sportscenter that I must be happy and excited about it. "Yeah," I shrugged, "But it won't last, you'll see." What was percieved as my perpetual pessimism was in fact, my being rational. I accept the fact that, though we are, as of today, 1/2 a game in front of the Yank's, by next week's end we will be trailing by a game or two. If we're lucky. I'm not pessimistic. I'm realistic.

Last night we saw Mission of Burma. They are, in fact, the second loudest band I have ever seen. Behind, of course, the mighty Motorhead who go so far as to hand out free earplugs at their shows (presumably because the cost of a hundred thousand earplugs is much less than the cost of being sued for aiding in the deafness of their fans, or their younger fans' fathers who watch passively from the back, for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's a safety precaution. It's common fucking sense.) Anyway, MOB rocked hard. They're so old thoug, that they played two sets. They had to take a break halfway though (I'm assuming because of the heat) for about 10 minutes before they played the second half of their set. It was great, though. They played a lot of new songs, which I didn't mind in the least, because their two new records are great. But they also played a lot of old songs. Opened with "This Is Not a Photograph." Closed the first set with "That's When I Reach for my Revolver." Closed the show with "Academy Fight Song" and encoured with "Fame & Fortune," (among the many other old-head favorites that they played.) My only complaint was the crowd. It seemed as if the majority didn't know any of their songs. Oh well, their loss. Hopefully they'll pick up on the hint and go buy their CD's now.

Cursive - Burst & Bloom, Domestica
Planes Mistaken for Stars
Rites of Spring
Rumbleseat - ...Is Dead
Tragedy - Vengeance

Kurt Vonnegut - Timequake (Amazing!)
Camus - Exile & the Kingdom

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