Thursday, January 10, 2008

Damned Dickies

Two of my most recent music buys have been two punk classics. I found "Machine Gun Etiquette", the Damned's 1979 album, along with "The Incredible Shrinking" by the Dickies on sale. MGE is 16 flawless tracks of their "Damned Damned Damned" sound, slowed down and more powerful. I'm really digging the song, "These Hands", a first-hand account of a killer klown and his exploits. This special edition also has an absurd cover of "White Rabbit". It works just as well as Slapshot's version, only it lacks the humor of a straight edge band covering a drug-classic.

The Dickies are what Green Day have long strived to sound like. L.G. Phillips' singing is the blueprint for the inflections and tones that Blowjob Armstrong has always gone for. This silly record is such a treat, and its humor ranks it along the Ramones and Descendents. One of their first singles was actually a hypersonic cover of "Paranoid" in 1979 (which isn't very worthy of the original), and this record contains other covers such as "Silent Night" and S&G's "Sounds of Silence." So much keyboard/organ between this and MGE!

Also, the new Paint it Black record, "New Lexicon" is unreal. With each record this band evolves more and more, and they exemplify the originality that is still possible in music as claustrophobic as hardcore. Dr. Dan's diction and rhyme are perfectly suited for Dalek's interludes and flawless production.
Key Tracks: We Will Not, Gravity Wins, The Beekeeper, Check Yr Math

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