Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sake on Monday night with fellow gentleman Drew already made my week. I had always wanted to try it. Drew heard that it "tastes like fire." It smelled like white wine and tasted like a shot with half vodka, half whiskey. Quarts of Bud from Midtown and the History channel finish off nights well.
I hope that luck comes my way and I get a job at http://www.empowerment-group.org/
Loving this rainy weather. I hope it holds up.

Modern Life is War
Black Sabbath
Pissed Jeans
Suicide File
The Clash
Salinger - Nine Stories re-read


Werd said...

Don't you wanna, like, look up recipes of awesome vegan food with all the good stuff he likes and make it for him?

Werd said...

I don't think so, but that's the most romantic kind of food to make someone. He might be, I don't know.

He also just seems like the kind of guy who would appreciate that extra effort, you know?