Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Team Rollins

Oh yeah, the new season of the Rollins Show begins this Friday the 13th, at 11 PM on IFC. Words cannot describe how great this show it. Half an hour of one pissed off man plus rad guests and musical performances.
Also, the NHL Playoffs commence tonight. Yesterday I placed my bets with Erich. It goes as follows:
Pittsburgh (5) vs. Ottawa (4)
San Jose (5) vs. Nashville (4)
Dallas (6) vs. Vancouver (3)
Minnesota (7) vs. Anaheim (2)
New Jersey (2) vs. Tampa Bay (7)
I have all the teams on the left. We are leaving the other three series out because both of us know that the NY Rangers will lose and that both Detroit and Buffalo will win. According to, I will win this round 3-2. According to my own judgement, the same will happen, only Pittsburgh will win where Dallas will lose. I also think that Minnesota has a genuinely good chance of defeating Anaheim. If they do it will be a huge upset and happen in 7 games. Anaheim has lost the steam that made them a #2 seed, and the Wild have been gaining that momentum. Either way this is my favorite time of year. It's funny because my mom's always pissed in these months because my dad's watching every game. Shelly has a genuine interest in hockey and will probably watch a couple of games with me, though more in the finals like last year. I'll just have to have beer present. The best lure in human history.

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shelly said...

i love that man. (rollins, and i guess you too) <3<3<3