Friday, March 16, 2007

Handshake Drugs

The weather has made the past three days beautiful. Although it's sleeting out as I type this entry and I was wearing my winter jacket during my classes this morning, I've been wearing T shirts lately. Strange NE weather. Last night I had this feeling of excitement for the summer. I hate the heat more than any one, but there's always something charming about summer. With hockey playoffs a few weeks away and spring training underway, I'm pretty excited. Speaking of hockey playoffs, it's always interesting to compare the conferences in the final weeks. Like usual, the standings in the east will most likely be determined in the final days of the season. It's been so close. Contrary to the what NESN might be saying, the Bruins are out of the race. They may have two more games to play than most teams but they won't be able to make up the points. The west on the other hand is not so close. I think Colorado is at least 10 points out, in ninth place. Western teams have so much talent that when the playoffs come most of their games are decided by one goal and go into seven games. As a result, when one gets to the finals they're too worn out to compete with the east. I'm would really love to see Pittsburgh win it all. Mario did a great job saving them again and keeping them in the city. Realistically though, I think Buffalo will indeed take it all. Either way I'm so freakin' excited.

Jawbreaker - Dear You
Wilco - A Ghost is Born
Built to Spill - all

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