Friday, January 19, 2007


One of the best presents I got for Xmas is pictured about. It's finally starting to come in really nicely. I can't believe that Chia's have been around since 1982. I remember when I was a little kid, seeing commercials for them while watching GI Joe. There was an overabundance of Chia and Clapper commercials in those days. The funny thing is, Chia Homer came with an advertisement for the Clapper. Only $25. Remember those commercials, though? With the old man who couldn't reach the light switch so he just clapped and then kissed his 75 year old wife goodnight. I think that turning off a lightswitch is one of those telltale signs that one needs to enter a nursing home. Turning off lights and going to the bathroom.

Lately, my apartment has been a White Russian Tavern. Regular Kaluha is 40 proof, but I found a "Special" Kaluha, which is 70 proof and only $3 more than regular. Last night, after a "few" Russians, I decided to make a bag of "Movie Theater Popcorn." You know the kind. Loaded with butter. It was Orville Redenbacker too. The good stuff. When I began eating it I realized that it was actually Kettle Corn. Apparently I had grabbed the wrong bag. What I discovered though, was a remarkable taste. White Russians and Kettle Corn popcorn go together like whiskey and pizza. Try it, I unbelievably serious.

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