Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Been a long time

A lot has happened over my last post. I work at Moriarty's Bar/Pub at 11th & Walnut. Come in and visit. I can't get you free beer but probably some fries or soup. Hell yeah...fries and soup. Because I had "so much experience as a server" they hired me. I fuck up more often than on occassion and my boss and I (surprise, surprise) hate eachother, but it pays well. Like any other job with workers my age, the drama never stops. It's annoying and frustrating so I deal with it by going in, doing my shit without talking to anyone, and leaving.
For those of you who know me, I love drinking. Most nights by 11 i'm sitting infront of the TV, watching Baseball Tonight and having some drinks. Sometimes even when I go out with friends I have "a little too much" and get a little, as Erich puts it, "rowdy." But the best beers I have ever drank are at 2:30 AM after i've been on my feet for 11 straight hours busting my ass. Soo good. And with 28 different beers on tap i'm in heaven.

On another note I saw Isis at the Church on Sunday. Wow. With about 10 amps and 15 pedals on stage I needed to change my pants every 10 minutes. So good. They had a day off from touring the Tweeter Centers of the country with Tool so they went for the intimate show. Soo loud. And I wonder why I get migraines.

I bought a bottle of Ballinger Scotch Whiskey yesterday after listening to Tom Waits and Johnny Cash for 2 straight hours. Mmmmm. I then proceded to stay up drinking while listening to "Live at Folsom Prison" on repeat. I love life.

I made two lists (I'm not trying to be Rob Gordon, I swear) in Stalinism today of the best shows I saw this summer, and the single best sets.

Best Shows (Lineups, atmosphere, etc,)
1. Radiohead - Tower Theater
*New songs were unbelievable. "Let Down"!
2. Mogwai & Torche - Starlight Ballroom
*And to think, I almost didn't get to go
3. Paint It Black, The Loved Ones, Cloak/Dagger - The Church
*Drunk stage diving
4. X & the Rollins Band - TLA
*Hot rockabilly girls
5. Bane, Modern Life is War, Outbreak - The Church
*No comment needed
6. Gorilla Biscuits & Murphy's Law - Starlight Ballroom
*Sung the last verse of "High Hopes" with Civ, while on the crowd. On par with singing "Walk Together, Rock Together" with Kevin Seconds
7. Sleater Kinney - Starlight Ballroom
*Third to last show ever. Made me a true believer
8. Sonic Youth - Starlight Ballroom
*Be Your Own Pet sucks so badly they bumped this to #8
9. Strike Anywhere, Modern Life Is War, Ignite - The Church
*More drunk stage diving
10. Envy - The Church
*Best live band ever

Best Sets (Performances, setlists, etc.)
1. Radiohead - Tower Theater
2. Mogwai - Starlight Ballroom
3. Gorilla Biscuits - Starlight Ballroom
*See above
4. Sleater Kinney - Starlight Ballroom
*And again
5. Envy - The Church
*Get stoned and listen to Envy, then you'll see
6. Paint It Black - The Church
* Dave's last show. Best PIB set ever
7. Lightning Bolt - Starlight Ballroom
* Woah...fucking insane. Way too drunk and stoned for that one
8. The Rollins Band - TLA
*Original lineup. Rollins live is...is...i don't even know what to say. Intense
9. Mission of Burma - The Church
*"That's when I reach for my revolver!"
10. Red Sparrowes - The Church
*I can't believe I was not on drugs for this

**Runner up --- Sonic Youth - Starlight Ballroom
*Didn't play enough old songs

Some say I need a life...

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